As a UI/UX designer and full-stack developer, I metamorphosized a rigid legacy design into a flexible library of responsive modular components.


Editors were constantly
lost in the rough
The Problem


Beautiful, bespoke and handcrafted launches became hard to update tokens of frustration with no ability to repurpose.


The visual style was above par but Scotty wanted a do-over on the content management and modularity.

Adaptive Approach

Primarily desktop focused previously, the mobile experience was in the rough and needed some relief.


Back In Black


Step By Step

Identified existing content structures and common design elements. Then repurposed and reimagined them into a series of wireframes that guided the development process.


Gettin' Jiggy Wit It

The goal from the very first tee was for customers to be able to leverage any device or browser, from the latest phone to Rodney Dangerfield's golf bag.


U Can't Touch This

Provided each component with flexible layout and theming options to make repeatable content feel more organic and less sterile while still conforming to strict style guidelines.


What I learned

From high-end putters to the simplest web components, form should never eclipse function. Always take the time to craft something you can be proud of for at least iterations if not generations.

Grow With Me